Happy Days !

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It is cold, dark and inhospitable outside. The roads are wet, salt-ridden and treacherous. January…. Well click on this video and remind yourself why you love your Healey. Warm mornings, lazy afternoons and balmy evenings will be back soon for … Continued

Members Cars: Tony

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Healey 3000 mk3 My Healey ownership started in 1968 with a 1956 100/4 RDF 688 – (see pic 1) followed in 1970 by a 1965 Mk3 3000 FRX 307C (see pic 2). I first joined the club in the late … Continued

Members Cars: Rob

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1960 3000 mk1 BT7 My BT7 is an American exported car reimported in 1990 and bought by me after a limited restoration in 1991. It is not concours and could be described as a good useable car. In my 30 … Continued

Members Cars: Angela

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Many of you will know under normal circumstances my car is out and about regardless of how cold the weather is, unless the roads have been gritted or are likely to be flooded, hence the fur hat and windproof jacket … Continued

Members Cars: Paul

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Say hello to Paul, committee member from Aldeburgh on the Suffolk coast with his beautiful 1958 BN6 two seater. This is Paul’s first Healey and he has owned and enthusiastically driven his Healey for 2 years. He is looking forwards … Continued

Austin Healey Hundred 1952-56

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The first Healey Hundred was technically still a “Warwick” Healey, developed without direct Austin input, other than Donald Healey securing a supply of the 2660cc four cylinder engines and running gear as used in the Austin A90. Gerry Coker penned … Continued

Warwick Healeys 1946-1955

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Warwick Healeys,  1946-1955 Warwick Healey is the term used for the cars developed by Donald and Geoff Healey when Donald started his own company following World War Two. Before the War Donald had had many competition successes so his vision of … Continued