The Austin Healey Club is a group of 1,700 enthusiasts dedicated to preserving the Austin Healey Marque and enjoying all aspects of the associated cars – the ‘Warwick’ Healeys, the Austin Healeys and the Jensen Healeys.

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Although a National Club formally instantiated through a Limited Company – the Austin Healey Club Ltd – the strength of the Club is its local Centres. Meetings and events are largely run at the local level, which drives us to be more adaptive to what members want! 

Check out the Centres page to find out what areas our Centres cover. Click on the appropriate area of the map to follow through to our local web sites.

Each Centre elects a Director to be on the National Executive Committee, which runs the Club at the National level. The NEC is supported by a range of Officers who provide a broad range of services from running the Car Registers, selling Books & Regalia or providing advice on Registration recovery. See a full list of all the Club’s Officers on the Officers Page.

Find out about the man behind the Austin Healey brand and our club’s history here

Whatever your interests, get more enjoyment from your Healey by Clicking Here to see membership options. Join us today and enable another chapter to your Healey’s life story to unfold!