E10 Petrol. Northern Centre Webinar

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Online Webinar – 17th, 24th & 31st March 2021

Paul Ireland’s excellent book, Classic Engines, Modern Fuel – The Problems, the Solutions is written for the classic car enthusiasts who really wants to understand what’s going on inside those cylinders and why modern fuels can have an impact on the performance and the potential wear and tear on the engine. A series of controlled experiments were conducted on an MG TC XPAG engine utilising a variety of modern fuels at the Department of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering at the University of Manchester and the results are detailed in depth in this easy to follow little book.

AHC Northern Centre has persuaded the author to join us for a series of 3 x 45 min live online presentations on the subject with an opportunity for viewers to participate in Questions and Answers at the end. The presentations are titled:

  1. E10 & volatility (the Hot Restart Problem). This should be an easy ¾ hour.
  2. Combustion – a little more complicated but basically “Suck, squeeze, bang and blow” and introducing cyclic variability.
  3. A final presentation on the effects of cyclic variability.

The Webinar will be streamed live on “Zoom”, is free and is open to all AHC members.

Members wishing to join us must register their interest by going to the Northern Centre website and, using the Contact link in the Event Calendar, send the host, Douglas McClymont, their name and email address. 

Invitations to join the presentation will be sent out to members using that e-mail address a couple of days before the events. You will need to have an account with “Zoom” in advance of the presentations. These can be set up free of charge by going to the respective website.

On the evening, you will have the ability to send questions to the host who will present them to Paul Ireland at the end of the presentation.

Numbers may be limited due to the platform chosen, so early registration is recommended.