Fabulous IHM video souvenir

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The Eastern region proudly organised the International Healey Meeting 2023 at the splendid Knights Hill Hotel in Kings Lynn. The event was well attended by members old and new and the Eastern team delivered a Healey driving feast along the West and North Norfolk coastline and inland across heathlands, rolling meadows and stunning villages all under big wide open skies.

There will be a full report in the August RevCounter members magazine but take a few minutes to savour the magnificence of Holkham Estate and as many Healey’s as we could squeeze onto Lord Leicester’s private lawn!

If you came along, there is a surprise on it’s way to you – keep an eye on your doormat anyway soon 🙂

Big thanks to all those who enthusiastically attended and three cheers to the Eastern Region organising team…

All together now, hip hip…